Mind the Gap – Bridge the Gap

Within the education world, to the educators, the driver is that education is for the good of the learner. Within the business world the key is efficiency- the best we can get for the least investment, the ratio of output to input within any system. The educator and the business leader narratives and purposes apparently opposed and there lies a difficulty.

The Magnificent Seven

In an attempt to define Integrated Curriculum Finance Planning (ICFP), the Department for Education (DFE) originally outlined 7 measures that would make a significant difference in managing an establishment budget. TodayContinue reading “The Magnificent Seven”

Autumn MAT briefing and workshop: from aspiration to implementation

‎Tue‎ ‎18‎ ‎Sep  |  AQA Free event for MAT CEOs, COOs and senior MAT leaders. Sessions led by the Regional Schools Commissioner, David Ross Education Trust, Smart Curriculum, AQA, ArborContinue reading “Autumn MAT briefing and workshop: from aspiration to implementation”

Community of Practice

SMARTcurriculum is a set of practices and processes to secure outstanding curriculum practice. The education community practices its confidence and legacy by sharing these practices rather than specifically teaching them. CJ Learning is developing a community of practice with the real data to inform decision making about curriculum efficiency and practice.