CJ Learning COVID-19 Response

Given the rapidly changing position I wanted to be able to offer some direction as to how we are planning to support our customers during this unprecedented period. Firstly that we are adhering to the advice and encourage others to do the same. Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

We have been made aware of a research tracker to report the spread of the virus and encourage you to download the App and give a minute each day to report. Download the App here

I will just put this education.gov.uk link here for the latest updates, as anything we write could change by the day/hour.

For our existing clients we want to be able to continue to support you while maintaining the health advice to maintain social distancing. Details below my sign-off cover the breadth of what we are working to do. Our ability to do this will enable us to survive this period as well as providing you with the best support we can.

The opportunities and benefits offered by the SMARTcurriculum® App will also allow staff to maintain progression of curriculum development and staff appointment planning over the coming months. We are working to deliver some new features to support this in the coming weeks.

We wish you well over the coming weeks and months and trust that you will stay well and that we will all come through this challenging time stronger, more aware of our abilities and able to respond more quickly and with significant impact on the learners that so many of you have shown the utmost commitment to look after.

Chris Jones

CEO CJ Learning and CJ Learning Technologies

Department for Education

From Monday 23rd March 2020 schools must:

Consultancy and board meetings

All planned onsite days will be conducted using Zoom.us or MS Teams group calls unless specifically agreed. Online support will allow for screen sharing and can be undertaken for as much of the planned visit length as we are able to sustain, given the increasing pressure on systems.

All you will need is a web browser, a camera and sound installed. Most laptops have this already fitted – some of you will prefer additional earphones or microphones to ensure privacy or for personal preference. We will email you invitations to these sessions with a meeting number to access the session.

This will include all governor support, trustee and director meetings as planned over the coming weeks.

We will be offering familiarisation sessions in online meetings for those for whom this is new territory. To access these, navigate to the events page here.

Coaching programmes

All curriculum coaching sessions will be conducted as online sessions unless otherwise individually agreed.

Support for online sessions from colleagues in the CEO Growth Academy


Timetabling contracts will continue, working with your staff as already agreed.

We urge clients to consider using the SMARTcurriculum® App to communicate your staffing changes and deployment intentions to reduce the need for additional sessions. Help with this can be provided, just let us know your needs.

Schools that need additional support with timetable issue for the summer term, rapid re-timetabling for key worker support and preparation for September 2020, please complete the form below and we will contact you immediately.


We realise that this is a really challenging time for learners who were preparing for examinations in just a few weeks. If you wish to continue with your sessions please contact Diana on 07712 454 604.

We are offering online sessions using Zoom.us. We believe that it is essential to maintain the greatest safeguarding practice, so these will all be undertaken through professional sites and undertaken as previously secured. Diana will send you a meeting reference number when agreed.

To pay for the sessions please use one of the methods below.

Invoicing for these sessions and monthly statements can be provided.

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