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Enhancing curriculum through financial analysis



SMARTcurriculum® focuses your resources on a curriculum that meets the needs of your student population and gives you better control of the financial planning of your school or trust.

The SMARTcurriculum® App supports:

  • Deficit recovery planning
  • Curriculum review and redesign
  • Support provision analysis
  • Annual curriculum modelling
  • Ongoing staffing analysis
  • Protection of support curriculum and staffing
  • Investment in curriculum resourcing
  • School comparison for MATs and school groups
  • Due diligence processes for growing MATs

The solution provides :

  • Simplicity and flexibility across phases of education
  • ICFP metrics
  • Year-on-year analysis comparison
  • Easy to use interface for capturing the key provisions and spends
  • Removal of complicated and easily corrupted spreadsheets that don't talk to each other
  • Inbuilt reporting mechanism
  • Incisive reporting with guidance on where to re-focus whilst still serving students well
  • Hierarchy of access levels for different stakeholders including governors
  • High levels of online 'bank grade' security
  • Easy to read dashboards of key curriculum, staffing and finance information
  • Sector expertise and support

Establish a balanced budget within a budget cycle.

The process quickly pays for itself.

Removes complicated, easily corrupted spreadsheets that don't talk to each other.

Gets business managers and curriculum leaders talking the same language.

Demonstrates how ICFP metrics apply to the running of your school.

"For the cynics, ICFP is a cost-cutting exercise. I would like to challenge this idea: it is about knowing your schools better. SMARTcurriculum® is a way of understanding exactly what each curriculum enhancement is worth in strategic terms. This demands that decisions focus on where enhancement will best influence outcomes, closing the gaps in learning and essential skills. As a result, we know whether a particular strategy is worth the investment. I want to see school leaders and confederation CEOs who know exactly what resources are needed to deliver their vision for the education of young people."

Frank Green CBE, Chair of Challenger MAT, former National School Commissioner

SMARTcurriculum® pricing

All prices per school and exclude VAT
Prices current up to 31st August 2020

School TypeSet-up YearFollowing YearsOptional Data Entry Service

Band 1
- Primary up to 6 forms of entry
- Middle-deemed primary up to 6 forms of entry
- Special school

Band 2
- Primary over 6 forms of entry
- Middle-deemed primary over 6 forms of entry
- 11-16 secondary up to 6 forms of entry
- Middle-deemed secondary up to 6 forms of entry

Band 3
- 11-16 secondary over 6 forms of entry
- Middle-deemed secondary over 6 forms of entry
- 11-19 secondary
- Post-16 provision
- University Technology College
- Studio school

Multi Academy Trusts or Groups over 10 schools

SMARTcurriculum® Process

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Please see our Youtube channel, to view SMARTcurriculum® webinar recordings and a growing number of 'How To' videos.

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Navigate the SMARTcurriculum® App easily and get the most out of all of its functions. You will require a annual licence to access.

SMARTcurriculum® App

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