SMARTcurriculum App

Easy Data Entry

Straightforward data entry, supported by CJ Learning staff, produces a dashboard view showing the three key enhancement figures: curriculum, staffing and cost.
The SMARTcurriculum App uses data on your curriculum, learners, staff, and finances to provide insight into any areas where the curriculum provision may be unbalanced.

Cost Modelling

Areas that are not aligned with your educational objectives are highlighted and allow different scenarios to be modelled.

Experiment with different target class sizes, vary the number of options, or model different leadership structures.

Detailed Analysis

You can drill down to further detail for each enhancement dimension - curriculum shape, size and costs - as well as unitised teaching and support staff costs.  

Alongside the graphics, key metrics are presented in table form for further scrutiny and measurement.

For primary schools, secondary schools, specialist schools, further education colleges, multi-academy trusts… any educational institution, over 80% of your costs are your teaching staff.


Costs are per school or academy based on size, determined by forms of entry.
There are further options available for Multi Academy Trusts.
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