Only for the brave: A fresh new and exciting approach to developing leaders (webinar)

Join an exciting opportunity from the world of leadership learning. 90 minutes that will change your life and those within your school.

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I would like to invite you to take part in something that, after 35 years in the education profession, I see as one of the most exciting programmes I have seen. We are looking for school leaders who would consider adopting this approach for developing your learner’s resilience and leadership skills.

Chris Jones CEO CJ Learning Ltd

“It was immediately obvious to me that this was something that could add immense purpose and value to our curriculum at all levels… Hearing students as young as eleven articulating their territory map was immensely powerful, and it was at this point that I realised the enormous potential of our collaboration with Anthony” Graham Malcolm Deputy Head (Secondary) Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Chris Jones and Anthony Willoughby would like to invite you to join an interactive discussion with respected educators, a Maasai elder, executives, students, an Everest summiteer and a member of the SAS to explore how we might all work together to create a totally fresh and exciting way to develop leadership in schools and organisations.

After a few words from Chris and Anthony each of the ‘panelists’ will talk about their own first hand experiences with Territory Mapping and The Nomadic Leadership Trust Wheel and how and where they believe the process might have a wider application in the field of education. After this there will then be an opportunity for general discussion and question and answer.

The Panel will include:

John Rolfe: currently Head of Arts (Music, Theatre and Visual Arts) at St Clare’s, Oxford and a leader of teacher workshops for the IB. Recently Anthony and Emmanuel Mankura remotely co-facilitated a workshop entitled the ART of Leadership which was well received by parents, students and teachers alike.

Emmanuel Mankura: a Maasai Elder who will be joining us from his village in Kenya. Emmanuel has co-facilitated many leadership workshops with Anthony in Asia and the UK and they have developed the Nomadic Leadership Trust Wheel together. Here is a link to Emmanuel’s TEDx Talk in HK.

Giles Jackson: Associate Professor Shenandoah University Winchester, VA. USA says of the process: “Territory mapping is, in my view, the missing piece I’ve been searching for all this time. Moreover, our clients have been delighted with the progress the student teams have made so far”

Krishna Thapa: A Gurkha from Nepal who grew up in a traditional Nepali village, he was the first Gurkha to be invited to join the SAS, he has also climbed Everest three times and K2. He is well versed in alternative approaches to leadership and has joined many Territory Mapping sessions!

Roddy Millar is Founder of Ideas for Leaders who for ten years has published articles on leadership and promoted alternative ways to assist leaders create more ‘human’ organisations. Roddy has travelled to Kenya to meet Emmanuel in Kenya and is great supporter to Territory Mapping all areas of student and executive education.

By the end of the webinar we hope to be a little further forward to answering the question:

“If we were the very ‘BEST’ in the world at assisting people develop the core leadership skills they need to be more successful and productive human beings what would we be delivering and how would we be doing it and where would we start?”

Chris has spent a life time in education and will explain how he is currently assisting schools adapt their curriculum provision so that it is more possible to respond to the needs of learners.

Anthony, a veteran of roads less travelled, will explain how he has adapted the lessons of his conversations with nomadic and tribal elders into a unique methodology which is currently being used to develop leadership schools in the UK and Dubai.

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