• Specialists in NOVA T6, Scheduler and Timetabler software.
  • Experienced in-year timetable re-write practitioners.
  • Rapid recovery of existing timetables or realignment.
  • Annual contract timetable writing with leading experts.

Considered among the national school timetable experts. Why not engage CJL expert team to help you resolve your issues quickly and with a wealth of experience of the software and the process for less than you invest in the leaders time releasing them to lead your school?

As many school leaders begin to consider outsourcing the timetable writing process. Many ask us “why do we employ expensive leaders to have them locked away struggling with software they many never have used before for the best part of a term, unable to undertake other parts of their job?

Enable them to lead the curriculum and let us write your timetable with you.

Contact us for timetable support or details of an annual contract.