Professional Learning Programme

A personalised programme tailored to the interests, skills and needs of each young person.
A programme that integrates high quality 'Information Advice and Guidance' with experiential learning development.
Every student with the opportunity to experience work within different employment sectors before committing to them in the long-term.

Post 16 Preparing For The World Of Work

Meeting The Needs Of Employers

In every element of education students are given opportunities to experience something before they are asked to make decisions. The exception is the massive leap into working life.

The Professional Learning Programme is designed for all ability students, the highest and the lowest attainers to help them experience work life before they complete full time education.

n the recent report 'Going in the right direction' OFSTED September 2013 what was found in terms of school involvement with community business world was reflected in the following statement.

'Schools did not work well enough with employers to provide their students with direct experience of the world of work, which would help to broaden students' minds about possible future employment. Vocational training and apprenticeships were rarely promoted effectively, especially in schools with sixth forms. The A-level route to universities remained the 'gold standard' for young people, their parents and teachers. Students need a programme of learning for working in the professional environment.'

Progression Management

Development Process

​The professional and talented pathway are structured to enable students to achieve their aspirations in level 3 qualifications and gain a perspective of working life.

It has been the practice of schools who are using this programme to have a Progression Manager who is inherently involved in the sixth form induction process, interviewing students and helping plan their programmes alongside developing the aspirations for work.

A sector analysis is conducted to review their career aspirations probably fed from CIAEG and Career Profiling completed throughout their Secondary school life.

Safe and Secure

All placements are supported by materials which follow the national guidelines for post 16 work placements, the best safeguarding practice and health and safety at work advice.

Sudent Induction

1 day induction programme, skills and development profile against professional competencies common to many national company development programmes.


All students apply for posts and are interviewed by employers. Each student must keep a reflective journal of their agreed activities during the 10 weeks of work.

Interim Review

Each term a review inter​view takes place with the employer and the progression manager. A reference is written from each employer to build a portfolio and CV.

Development Plan

A key aspect is the Personal Development Plan. Understanding strengths and weaknesses and making opportunities to develop with employers.

To receive more information about delivering the Professional Learning Programme in your school please contact us below and we will be happy to come and discuss the programme with you.