December 1, 2017

The core principle behind the SMARTcurriculum method is to have sufficient detail and reason to make good decisions about the curriculum provision- thus ‘To understand’.

On so many occasions during my working life I have had reason to deal with circumstances where educational professionals, whose sole rationale for decisions made about school design, curriculum change and staff deployment were predicated on a survey of what other people are doing.

In this context, much of the current narrative about funding and structures, leaves many with a real lack of narrative about the true size and cost of curriculum provision. To this end we have developed a methodology that can provide confidence about the size and cost of curriculum provision. In no way is it intended to limit what can be done, it is to give you the language of measurement about a schools provision from nursery to post-16 provision. The goal being to make space in a budget for making rich and valuable contributions to student learning, and also to ease the workload of those delivering it.


It should be understood that the work of the Curriculum Analysis Tool is only a part of the SMARTcurriculum method. The practices to secure delivery underpin the method.

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