SMARTcurriculum® Update Autumn 1 – Issue 8

SMARTcurriculum® Update – Autumn 1 2020 (Issue 8)

Important changes and new features for the SMARTcurriculum® App:

Analysis of real staff costs
At the request of many users we are now placed to release a major addition to the SMARTcurriculum® Application which will calculate actual staff salaries and oncosts and project salary costs over the following three years. To enable this calculation, an additional table has been added to Global Parameters: ’7. Staff Costs’ shows NIC percentage and threshold, as well as Teacher and Local Government Pension Scheme calculations. 
User Permissions with additional levels of security have been added:
  1. ‘Finance Administration’ will allow office staff to enter the necessary data (without seeing the values)
  2. ‘Finance Confidential’ will allow a user to see the real cost and three-year projections.
Schools will need to decide who will be given access to enter data and view cost projections. The User Administrator will find these additional User Permissions in the data entry hub and can add these to current or additional users. The addition of actual current scale point and the maximum value within a range will allow this to be calculated.
In the background, salary ranges, supplements (TLRs) and additional allowances have been added to provide the base data for your payscale area. These scales allow for institutional customisation given the new freedoms to vary scale values between minimum and maximum amounts. The scales are applied for the projections, allowing for incremental increases and cost of living rises, so the new section in the Global Parameters Table 7 allows for percentage increase projections to be modelled at your discretion. This element will be released on Friday October 16th. 
We are working on charts that will enable modelling of the staffing budgets. Aimed to be released 30th October.
Global Parameters Expenditure Table 
The Expenditure table now reflects cost centre codes as described in the Common Financial Reporting Standards 2020.
Feedback always appreciated!
If you have any other ideas or priorities for development please comment below. If you would like to join our SMARTcurriculum App Developers Group to drive innovations that support you best, please tell us at
Items for future release
Dashboard update – providing a proportional comparison between the number of teaching hours bought and support hours bought
Additional charts and tables within the finance analysis section now that the income and expenditure input tables reflect the CFR reporting standards we are able to add further analysis of the financial data relative to its use in curriculum provision. 
6Year rolling staffing plan – many schools have changing roll numbers and need to plan ahead. This is a feature we used in previous spreadsheetbased curriculum reviews and will be building into the functionality. 
School Group dashboard – we continue to structure the SMARTcurriculum Application to add a fully functional school group comparison module. Many of the developments above are on the road-map to that goal. We will keep you posted as to the progress and likely release date. 

Webinar invitations

Our next webinars to support and develop your use of the SMARTcurriculum® App are listed below. These are exclusively for users, so you will need to use the code emailed to you in order to view and book in Eventbrite. Contact Nicky on if you have not received your code or would like a reminder. 
Thursday October 15th,  17:00–18:00
There is a gap between the educational perspective on ICFP and its impact on curriculum and staffing and the perspective of governors and business leaders. Chris will show how the SMARTcurriculum® method engages various stakeholders in useful dialogue and how it can be turned into powerful conversations about educational purpose and vision.
Wednesday November 11th, 16:30–17:30
In this webinar SMARTcurriculum® App creator Chris Jones will cover using the SMARTcurriculum® App to measure and maintain support staff activities alongside taught curriculum planning. Enables you to define support provision types and how they are distributed across the year groups. Explore how effective they are, relative to the taught curriculum. Powerful use of the charts in the App to support opening a conversation with different stakeholders. 
Wednesday December 9th, 15:00–16:00
Forward plan for next academic year. You will either be rolling on and adapting for pupil roll changes or considering a complete restructure of the curriculum and its impact on your current staff. Chris Jones will cover how to use the SMARTcurriculum® App’s modelling capabilities to support both of these processes.
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